Sunshine and Curls

Wanted to plug this awesome Etsy store called Sunshine and Curls. I don’t personally have my ears pierced, but these are the kinds of earrings that make me wish I did. I wanted to talk about them on Tumblr because Savanna who runs the store makes adorable Tumblr inspired earrings as well as a bunch of other earrings I know my followers might like.


These are just some of the awesome earrings she makes. 

Tumblr Boys Suck Earrings

Tina Belcher Earrings

Tumblr TBH Ur Not Gr8 Earrings

Tumblr Too Sassy For You Earrings

Each pair of earrings is just $7.50 and to celebrate the fact that she is just starting out she has a BOGO sale going on.  So you can buy two pair at a time. Check out this information on the BOGO sale

This sale will only go on until August 4th and you need to “purchase” at least $15 so that it can be knocked down. It doesn’t include the shipping costs either. So with shipping you could walk out with two pairs for just $11.50! What a steal!

Seriously go check out this store. Savanna is so nice and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a pair for my blog. If my ears were pierced I’d totally be interested, but they aren’t. I sitll wanted to pass this store on to my readers though!

-Amanda C.